Chalets with Hot tubs

Ski chalets with hot tub - this is the lovely Mont Tremblant in Meribel

Chalets with hot tub are highly sought after so it's lucky that we have over 500 ski chalets with a Jacuzzi to choose from. It’s no wonder that a soak in your own hot tub after a hard day on the ski slopes has become so popular. After all what's finer than relaxing your aching muscles in hot bubbling water whilst sipping a glass of champagne and enjoying a wonderful mountain view?

Chalets with hot tub - prices and availability

However, it's not quite as easy as simply diving in to book your spa endowed chalet without proper consideration. You need to think about whether the hot tub in your chosen chalet is inside or outside, sunken or free-standing, or located at the front or the back of the property. it’s not an easy choice but our team of experts are here to make sure you book the perfect chalet property for your next ski holiday. Please browse through our chalets with hot tub below and then give our team a call.

The retro fitted chalet hot tub

The first thing to consider when choosing the right chalet (or indeed the right hot tub) is that many of the chalets on the ski holiday market were not originally built with a hot tub. However, the large increase in demand from clients since the Millennium for chalets with this accessory meant that chalet owners and chalet holiday companies were forced to retro fit hot tubs to their chalets wherever possible. In many cases this has meant the location of the chalet’s tub is far from ideal. Check out the three most popular locations for a retro fitted chalet Jacuzzi below.

1. Balcony hot tubs

Some retro fitted tubs end up on the main balcony of the chalet which actually is a great location so long as the chalet is in a secluded setting. You can enjoy far reaching mountain or valley views while you let the bubbles soothe your body and when it gets dark your relaxing soak can turn into a spot of star gazing. However, if the chalet’s balcony happens to overlook a busy pedestrian thoroughfare then you may need to find your inner exhibitionist if you fancy a dip.

2. Chalets with hot tub located at the rear

If the chalet doesn’t have a suitable front facing balcony which is large enough or strong enough to support a hot tub then very often a bit of outside space at the rear of the building is found by the developers. Given that most chalet properties are built facing the sun (to make maximum use of available sunlight) the rear of a chalet is often a rather shady, dark place. The view from the rear of a chalet is also usually facing up the mountain which means those far reaching vistas are not possible.

3. Indoor chalet hot tubs

Some smaller chalets don’t have space either on the front balcony or at the rear for a hot tub. For these chalets the only option is to place the hot tub in the basement or converted garage. This is fine to a point but being outside is far better.

The best chalet hot tubs

Chalets that have been built since 2010 very often have been developed with the all manner of spa and entertainment facilities on the architect's brief from the outset. This means that modern chalets often have a large south facing balcony or deck which is strong enough to support a large sunken hot tub, and private enough to allow guests to access the tub without feeling they are taking part in the swimwear section of a beauty competition. These hot tub designed balconies also give fantastic mountain and/or resort views which really make for a memorable spa experience. So it's our advice to look for a chalet that was designed and built with the hot tub on the plans from the start.

Chalets with Hot tubs

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