Chalets in Morzine

Chalets in Morzine - the farmhouse

Chalets in Morzine have been hugely popular with British skiers for several decades and we have over 50 Morzine chalets to choose from. To search availability for all chalets in Morzine use our easy to use chalet search below. We feature Morzine chalets from the smallest (which sleep 4) to the largest (which sleep well over 24 guests). We also feature several chalet hotels in Morzine which sleep over 30.

Morzine chalets - check availability and prices

Using the search engine below first select your departure weekend. This will enable you to view the prices and availability for all chalets in Morzine on your chosen week. You can then easily refine your search by chalet size and/or chalet quality, and there are other search criteria you can use such as with hot tub, fireplace, steam room or childcare.

Switch to map view to see the location of all our chalets plotted onto a Google map. This may help you choose the right chalets in Morzine for your needs.

Simply add favourite Morzine chalets to your shortlist (this can be done from the chalet detail page) then send this shortlist to our team of advisers. We will be back to you within a few hours to help you select the best chalet for your needs. For more info on Morzine see our resort guide to Morzine which has reviews on restaurants, the ski area, apres ski venues and also a really useful Google map.

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  • Cable car 262438c5626f68940e156df868b18890cdda3d131cdffa026f19e15448a2f3ea Cable Car
  • Gondola 08fc130c360bf663b5723567aab3384edc88bcec2e297e955865a20bc8050cb2 Gondola
  • Chair lift 207bbb7ef0c7c3f5458d8e1b5bb1a59b179909dbc96c70cbc66d08927a59c61f Chair lift
  • Drag lift 9649c8f20eb92153651608a16dced21b25b21acd3ad6ca90cea261c90ea44648 Drag lift
  • Map marker 453dea188bab96b378528958d3eb238715efc6522f6222fc7af2c570aa899787 Property
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