Chalets with Fireplaces

Chalets with fireplace

Chalets with fireplace are perfect for a ski holiday especially in December or January when you can warm your cold toes in front of the open fire after a long day on the slopes. Chalets with a real log burning fireplace are rather special when the snow is falling outside - why not hunker down into a deeply squashy sofa, fire blazing with a glass of champagne in hand while you wait for your chalet chef to create a culinary masterpiece for dinner? We have a fantastic selection of chalets with fireplace in the Alps and even some that have bedrooms with an open log fire - perfect if you are looking for that special romantic setting.

Chalets with fireplace - prices and availability

There are several different types of chalet fireplace to consider so don't make any quick decisions. If you are particular about the sort of fire that you like to settle down in front of you might want to check the chalet details carefully. We look at the different types of chalet fireplace below.

Things to consider when choosing a chalet with a fireplace

Open log fireplace

This is the most popular type of fireplace and is the most atmospheric. There is something so primal about an open fire - something that is deep rooted in us all giving feelings of security and general 'well being'. If you were Norwegian an open fireplace would be essential if you were looking to create the full Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) lifestyle experience. Most open fireplaces are traditionally positioned against an end wall, some are centrally located within a sitting room (either floor standing or suspended) and others are double sided and are sited to separate a sitting area from a dining area.

Wood burning fireplace with glass safety screen

This is especially common in France where the traditional log burning fireplaces often feature a glass front which acts as fireguard. These give all the atmosphere of a 'open' fireplace and many families with small children often like to have the safety aspect of the glass front.

Wood burning stoves

These tend to be glass fronted which allows the flames to give the required atmosphere but others are enclosed in metal. These give off heat and will keep your chalet toasty and warm but a stove is not something you can gather around in quite the same way you can with an open fireplace. If a chalet has a stove we will generally not list it as having a fireplace.

Austrian Kachelofen

In many old Austrian chalets (especially in St Anton and Lech) chalets were built with ceramic clad masonry kachelofen. Open fireplaces were seen as being rather dangerous in an 'all wood' constructed house so the idea of enclosing the heat source in a thick layer of brick and ceramic tiles means that no spark or burning cinder can dangerously escape. Furthermore the traditional kachelofen produces an even heating temperature that lasts far longer than the heat produced by an open fire or a metal stove. It is mostly the heat 'stored' by the kachelofen's mass that heats the living space.

When choosing your chalet with fireplace it is worth checking that the fireplace is actually used. Some chalet companies will feature properties that clearly have a fireplace but will not allow it to be lit. There is something rather depressing about sitting around an unlit fireplace on a cold and snowy day. Please therefore check with us before booking that your chalet's fireplace is a fully functioning one.

Chalets with Fireplaces

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