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  • Banff avenue blue skies

    Banff, Canada

    Set in the spectacular and unspoilt Banff National Park, the landscape is one of glaciers, jagged peaks and magnificent views, and the valleys are full of wildlife that you'll never see in Europe. ... more»

  • Bigwhite14

    Big White, Canada

    We recommend that if you want to ski in these fantastic Interior BC resorts you should consider a two-centre holiday. Ski holidays in Big White are great for learning to ski powder - the slopes are... more»

  • Lakelouise%20%282%29

    Lake Louise, Canada

    Set in a vast national park, the scenery is to die for and is one of the main attractions of ski holidays in Lake Louise. There is the Lake, the village itself and then the ski base station. The sk... more»

  • Revelstoke resort guide old town

    Revelstoke, Canada

    Revelstoke was created as a rail town during the 1880's and also at the 'second crossing' point of the Columbia River. When Lord Revelstoke of Baring Brothers bank found the necessary investment to... more»

  • Whistler ski resort guide%20%2817%29

    Whistler, Canada

    Drive two hours north of Vancouver, alongside the breathtakingly scenic Coast Mountains and you'll find the charming village of Whistler. Whistler has been regarded as the number one ski resort in ... more»

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