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Ski Schools

As a client of Alpine Answers you will receive preferential service at the ski schools listed. We recommend when enquiring with a ski school that you mention our name.

Ski schools of today offer a very different experience to the old fashioned approach of "benze zee knees, and follow me". Modern instructors now coach in a fun as well as professional manner; often using camcorders and conducting lessons in fluent English. Class sizes are smaller and a new 'fun' element has been introduced to learning.

Modern skis now make it easy for skiers on the 'plateau' to take their skiing to a new level of control and speed. A few lessons with a good instructor will give you the new school concept of 'riding' the mountain. Radical improvements using new, easily learned techniques will totally revitalise your enjoyment of skiing. You'll be amazed at the difference in your skiing and increased enjoyment you will experience.

Keen parents are now more than happy to use the modern ski schools. With the new 'caring' approach ski schools adopt, parents are confident that their children will actually enjoy learning. What was once a traumatic right of passage for us, is fun all the way for our kids.

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