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Self Catering Ski Chalets

self catering ski chalets

Although growing in popularity before we had even heard of Covid the pandemic of 2020-22 certainly acclerated the increase in demand from clients looking to book self-catered chalets in the Alps.

Clients today look for greater levels of freedom in resort. They want the opportunity to eat out for some dinners in their favourite restaurants and on other nights they want to cook-in, saving costs and eating to their own schedule. Book your private self-catered chalet now and enjoy the freedom to enjoy your ski holiday as you want to.

Twenty years ago a self-catering ski holiday meant squashing into a basically furnished studio apartment no bigger than 20 square metres. There would have been only a tiny and impractical galley kitchen, no wardrobe space, no place to hang wet clothes and barely any room to do anything at all, let alone swing a cat. However, tastes and clients' needs have changed since the turn of the new millennium. Out-dated self-catering apartments still exist, largely for student skiers. However, we feature a wide selection of large ski apartments and stand-alone chalets to book on a self-catered basis.

Catered ski chalets

The catered ski chalet concept grew in earnest during the 1970's and 1980's and offered British skiers the chance to enjoy a 'house party' holiday on the snow. Not only did catered chalets with companies like Bladon Lines, Supertravel, John Morgan and Ski West offer a great fun holiday but they also offered it with great value prices.

The standards of catering and the chalets themselves have come along way since those days. Even with the lower priced chalet companies en-suite bathrooms, spa facilities and cinema rooms are now expected, and as a nation we have certainly upped our culinary expectations over the last 40-50 years. However, although prices have risen in recent years the catered ski chalet still very much offers great value, especially when compared to a stay in a hotel.

We look in more detail at the levels of catering and what to expect from a catered ski chalet here.

Self Catering Ski Chalets

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