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Gourmet Ski Chalets

Gourmet ski chalets

We have selected the ski chalets with the highest quality of cooking giving you a truly gourmet/fine-dining experience with your ski holiday. Over the years we have eaten more chalet dinners than we care to mention. However, along the way we have learnt which chalet companies take their cooking seriously, employing the best chalet chefs for their properties.

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Most catered chalets follow the same formula when providing a weekly chalet meal plan. Morning breakfasts are provided, as are afternoon teas, and then in the evenings a 3 - 5 course dinner with complimentary wines is served. However, it's impossible for the inexperienced to differentiate before booking between those chalet companies serving basic cooking from those that are serving genuinely delicious dinners prepared by proper cooks/chefs using the finest ingredients. Luckily we know which ski chalet companies to recommend for an authentic fine-dining, gourmand experience.

Please note: You might think that simply paying more for your ski holiday will guarantee high standards of cooking. However, do not be misled by high prices. Some expensive chalet holidays can come with rather indifferent chalet meals, usually cooked by well-meaning but inexperienced chalet staff. However, there are plenty of good value chalet holiday companies who can be justifiably proud of the high standards of chalet cooking which their dedicated staff provide. The trick is ... knowing which ski chalet companies you can trust when it comes to providing a proper fine-dining experience. And for that knowledge you should give us a call.

Gourmet Ski Chalets

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