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Ski in Ski out Chalets Meribel

ski in ski out chalets in Meribel - skiing to Altitude 1600 on the Doron piste

Ski in ski out chalets in Meribel are harder to find than you might think for although Meribel is a large resort with plenty of accommodation choice only about 10% of the chalets here give true piste access.

Ski in ski out chalets Meribel - prices and availability

Meribel is not a purpose built resort in the truest sense and so many of the chalets in the resort, especially those built in recent years are actually situated quite away from the Doron piste, the slope that leads down the edge of the resort to the Chaudanne area lift hub and ski school meeting points. Perhaps one day they might create a new piste to run down to the Mussillon area on the other side of the resort which would give many more chalets a 'ski in' location. However, without a new lift also being built in the same area (which seems unlikely) the chalets in the Musillon region of Meribel could never be 'ski out'. So it is only the older, original, chalets which were built behind the tourist office and the newer chalets at the Chaudanne area that offer the best ski in ski out location in Meribel.

If you want to widen your choice

The ski in ski out chalets in Meribel offer the easiest access to and from the pistes but of course there is only a limited choice of these properties and they do tend to get booked up early. You may prefer therefore to widen your options and search through all our chalets in Meribel.

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The original ski in ski out chalets in Meribel

The older chalets that were built as Meribel first developed as a ski resort are mostly located on the lovely Route des Chalets and Route de Renarde. These pretty roads wind their way up from behind the main square of Meribel (where the tourist office is located) to the part of Meribel known as Altitude 1600 and beyond. As the blue grade Doron piste runs next to the Route des Chalets this is where most of the ski in ski out chalets in Meribel are located. Chalet Sorbier and Chalet Bambis are two lovely chalets that are located actually just off the Route des Chalets and are literally situated on the piste. In fact to reach Chalet Sorbier you need to cross the piste with your luggage – so make sure you arrive in sensible footwear.

Just above Altitude 1600 and also on the edge of the Doron piste are the rather quaint Chalet Veronica and Chalet Cecilia which both sleep 10 guests. These two chalets are situated on a patch of private land with semi cleared trees – the view of the chalets as seen from the piste is exactly as you might imagine an alpine chalet to look. Although internally a little dated they still provide comfortable accommodation (best suited to families) and their ski in ski out location is of course a real bonus.

If you are looking for a luxury ski in ski out chalet in Meribel then look no further than the wonderful Chalet Trois Ours which sits just above the Cecilia and Veronica. The Trois Ours was redeveloped in 2014 to provide a luxury alpine home complete with home cinema, steam room and a lovely hot tub on the terrace. This ski in ski out chalet in Meribel sleeps 10 – 12 guests and offers everything you might want: first rate food and service, driver service and a huge open fireplace.

Ski in ski out chalets in Meribel - the Chalet Trois Ours

The newer ski in ski out chalets of Meribel

Down at Chaudanne which is the bottom of the valley where the pistes from the east, west and south all converge, and where the main lifts in all directions depart from are a number of very well located chalets. Chalets like Chalet Refuge Boua, Lapin Blanc and Chalet Pasarale are all located at the very bottom of the Doron piste and can all be classed as ski in ski out chalets in Meribel. These properties also have the added bonus of being situated less than 100 metres (across the piste) from the main ski school meeting point in Meribel. So if you have a family with children wanting lessons these make a great choice. Reaching the centre of the resort from these chalets at the Chaudanne area is possible with a walk across the piste and then a stroll up the hill past the Hotel Chaudanne. However, the companies that run chalets here have a driver service on hand and this is probably easier than the walk.

The ski in ski out chalets at Meribel 1600

Situated at Altitude 1600 and right next to the Morel chairlift are the luxury Chalet Le Grenier, Chalet Evergreen and Club Pierre. There is a piste that leads down from the top of the resort to the bottom of the Morel chair so technically these properties could be described as ski in ski out. However, this piste is seldom used, not often groomed (if at all), poorly snow cannoned and adversely affected by the afternoon sun especially at the end of the season. So skiing back to one of these chalets should only be undertaken by more experienced skiers/boarders. In the morning though accessing the ski area via the Morel chair is very easy so you can argue that these chalets are at least ski out!

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Ski in ski out chalets in Meribel - Chalet Veronica on the Doron piste
Ski in ski out chalets in Meribel - Chalet Veronica on the Doron piste