Best location in Lech

Best location in Lech

The separate residential areas explained

Lech a large, sprawling resort with distinct accommodation areas each with their own character, and pros & cons. The main street of Lech follows the valley floor and the course of the River Lech which flows in a North Easterly direction. There are several main lifts accessing the ski areas from either side of the main street although in effect there are just two main lift locations.

Chalets in Lech - prices and availability

The main ski area lies to the North West of the village and is accessed via the Schlegelkopfbahn cable car that rises from the valley floor at 1,560m to just over 1,800m where it connects with a series of other lifts reaching the uppermost ski terrain at approximately 2,200m altitude. On the other side of the main street are the Rufikopfbahn lifts that access the ski area to the South East of the village (connecting with Zurs) with the uppermost ski terrain at approximately 2,300m.

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Zug is a delightful little hamlet that lies 3km to the West of Lech sitting just above the river with a south facing sunny outlook. This hamlet really is quite small and there is not much here beyond the small chapel, the lovely Hotel Rote Wand and a couple of privately owned chalets. We have two chalets in Lech that are situated in the hamlet of Zug and they both offer very good value for money. Both have saunas and they are ideal for a group of friends or extended family. There is no après ski or nightlife scene in Zug but the village is connected to Lech via the free public bus that runs to a schedule. This area of Lech is perfect for groups that are looking for a peaceful and idyllic mountain setting.


If you travel from Zug following the river through the main village of Lech and out the other side you will come to Stubenbach. This area of Lech is about 2km from the main centre and sits on a little hill overlooking the main resort. Like Zug this is a quiet area, away from the busy resort centre, and is connected to the main village of Lech with the free Post bus service.


Oberlech sits at an altitude of 1,650m on a gently shelving plateau of land (pastureland in the summer) which faces the morning sun and overlooks the main resort of Lech lying in the valley floor, some 200m below Oberlech. This area of Lech is considered the most desirable location to stay in as much all of the accommodation offers ski in ski out convenience as well as amazing views. We have two stunning chalets in the Oberlech area and either is fit for a king. Chalet N is surely one of the most luxurious chalets in the world let alone Lech - it comes with bullet proof glass and underground parking for a fleet of 10 vehicles.

Lech - the resort centre

Like most 'older' ski resorts the prime locations in the centre of Lech are occupied by the established hotels. However, some of the hotel properties in central Lech are being turned over to British tour operators to run them as 'chalet hotels'. These larger properties are staffed by a British team of workers and offer fantastic value for money combined with a central location in Lech. The Chalet Hotel Montfort has the added advantage of being in a ski in ski out location, with direct access to the nursery slopes of Lech. The VIP Ski Chalet Theodul offers a touch of luxury at really very affordable prices.

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