Best Skiing in Verbier for the Advanced and Experienced

Skiing for experts in Verbier

Verbier is home to some of the world’s best off piste. What make Verbier so unique are its steep and long lines so accessible straight off the lift. By the time you have even put your skis on in the morning you can reach Verbier’s second highest peak Mont Gele at 3,023m.

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Verbier’s highest peak is at 3,328m which can be reached by the keen by 10.00am. Even some of Verbier’s most classic couloirs can be skied from the mid station, Attelas 2,727m, just an 11 minute cable from the town. Whilst an experience skier can say they have skied some of the steepest and arguably difficult skiing in the Alps. Even in North America (bar Alaska) you’ll be hard pushed to find such accessible steeps as you can in Verbier.

The highest lift access line in the 4 valleys would be from the top of Mont Fort. A quite exciting and exposed descent from the top of Mont Fort would be to turn left out of the cable car, and ski skier right of the cable car. However, with a precarious access and a definite no fall zone with a narrow chute separated from the rest of the glacier by a rocky outcrop you must be confident in skiing this. If you do opt to take this way down it makes for a really fun ski starting with short turns, a little straight-line followed by wider turns as you get nearer the bottom.

Alpine Classics

Attelas – Creblet, Rock and Roll, Number One-James Blunt

Boot off your day by getting stuck in to Verbier’s most accessible couloirs. After a dumping of snow these three couloirs being just a handful that can be skied from Attelas make for the perfect laps right at the start of the day. The Creblet Couloir is best suited for going first as from this you can fully check out the access to the more difficult Rock and Roll Couloir. You can fully scope it out and decide whether its for you by doing Creblet first.

To get to Creblet you must follow the ridge extending out from the top of Lac Noir. Carry on traversing here and go down skiers left to get into the couloirs. Once you reach Col de Creblet, the lowest point on the ridge, the couloir is down to your left. The Couloir is quite wide and makes for a good warm-up to the rest of the Attellas Couloirs. At the bottom catch the Mayentzet then jump on Les Attelas chair to get back up to the top and access point for the Attelas Coulouirs.

Rock and roll, identifiable by a large rock right in the middle of the couloirs is one of the most famous lines in Verbier. You can really get a good look at it and its conditions from the Funnispace. Skiing this couloir, you must be sure to get down it being fully committed. It quickly gets steep and narrow; a fall here will certainly give you a good bash around. Once you get into it though you likely to find some of the deepest and steepest snow, an amazing combination to come by. Done well this is one of the most fun things you’ll ever ski. Take the same lifts to get back to the top.

Further over to looker’s right of the Attelas face is Number one Couloir and further still is James Blunt. A combination of these two lines Number one at the top and James Blunt at the bottom make for some magnificent skiing. A mellow route down a wide ridge can wait as it surprisingly doesn’t get skied out much and is possibly one of the most understated lines in the resort. The broad undulating rollers once onto the James Blunt makes for some really playful skiing and can be enjoyed alongside your mates (given the right snow conditions).

Banana Couloir

A prominent line on the mountain Banana Couloir is an epic and takes the shape of it name. Adventurous, exposed and steep this couloirs is possibly one of the most respected in the 4 Valleys. The access let alone the main descent does require your full attention. From the top of Mont Gele hug the North East ridge skier left of the exit. One you reach the first summit of this ridge drop over the other side but remain hugging it. Now you will be on the North side of the ridge. At the next summit climb back up to the top of the ridge, very exposed no fall zone. Ski along to of ridge you will come to the top of couloir. The couloir is fast, it allows for some wide open turns towards the bottom. Thanks to its difficult access you’re almost always granted fresh snow, conditions provided.

Rock Garden

Rock garden is a pain to get to, but you’re granted any line choice down the 300m wide rock field. It makes for playful skiing and again can be done alongside your mates. You can access rock garden by coming back towards Lac des Vaux from the top of Lac des Vaux 2 and immediate traverse skiers right underneath the lift. Traverse along the slope underneath the rock face to your right, with the lake below you to your left. Once in line with the end of the lake head up toward the Col, a steep walk up with instant rewards.

Stairway to heaven

One of Verbier’s most famous boot packs with an instant reward. A long steep hike will take you up and over the ridge from the left hand side of the bowl below Col de Gentianes. This North facing bowl stays cold and keeps the snow light. However is a common favourite and gets tracked out very quickly. At the bottom you’ll join up with the itinerary from the backside of Mont Gele and follow all the way down to the bottom of Tortin. Here you can catch the cable car back up and immediately give highway a spin.


Highway is similar to stairway without the hike. Continue along the same traverse you’d take to get to stairway and keep going, creep around the arête of the now boarder ridge at the same place the cable car brows over the steeper ground in front. The descent is little steeper than stairway to heaven however not as long. Makes for good fun steep skiing, without high consequences if you do take a fall. Again rejoin the itinerary track and head down towards Tortin.

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The top of Mont Fort
The top of Mont Fort

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