Tree Skiing in Verbier - The Poor Visibility Guide

Skiing Verbier in bad weather

Whilst Verbier has loads to offer when the sun is out up in the Alpine, there is also a tucked away side to Verbier that offers some of the best tree skiing in the Alpes when the visibility is poor.


Only recently opened up the rest of Verbier getting over to Bruson involves a download from Verbier to the floor of the valley at Le Chable, from Le Chable up the other side of the valley to arrive at Bruson. Bruson has a total of one chairlift and 1 T-bar. There is another button lift but you don’t need to use that. The ski area is tiny. On piste this can be skied out in half a day. However, once get off piste into the many choices of lines through the trees you can be kept busy for days on end there. Bruson has always been a well kept secret by the locals and for good reason, still after heavy snowfall you can be putting in new tracks for days afterwards.

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The first bit of tree skiing to be done in Bruson is actually on an itinerary. Catch La Pasay chair up to the top and head down to the right. The run is marked by yellow poles so getting lost in these trees is difficult. It is a good introduction to tree skiing but can’t be compared to the ‘Canadian Trees’ being a left hand turn as you get off La Pasay.

Canadian trees – La Pasay and Canadian Trees Central both stay close to the pistes, it’s unlikely to get lost. Canadian Trees - central is a bit steeper and quicker through the trees, however the trees more scarce it makes for some of the most fun skiing following friends.

Further over skier left Canadian Trees – Tsai can be accessed by the T-bar Grande Tsai, head away from the resort at the top of here and drop down to the left. This bit of skiing makes up for a long run through the trees, tree line as a little but further down. So if visibility is poor there is a little bit of skiing that will have to be done blind to get to the famous trees. This line of tree skiing will be uninterrupted by any pistes and it is actually quite lengthy. Being the steepest of the three areas in Bruson you must be confident with your standard of tree skiing. Be careful not to head to far down, head skier left once trees get thicker, a traversing track should make this easier. Any skiing below this is strictly prohibited as it is a nature reserve.

Savoleyres – Moomin Forest

From Verbier take the Savoleyres bubble, at the top follow the ridge down along the blue, ‘Taillay.’ When you reach Croix de Coier, a hexagon restaurant, traverse along the mountain Verbier side to the top of the trees. This make for good fun skiing right don into Verbier town.

Savoleyres Trees

From the same restaurant you can head down Tzoumaz side to ski these mellow trees alongside the Taillay blue. Easy to lap loads of times thanks to the Taillay chair makes for an easy day when the clouds are settles in.

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Tree skiing Canadian Trees - Tsai
Tree skiing Canadian Trees - Tsai

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