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  • Alagna%20%2815%29

    Alagna, Italy

    Alagna is furthest East of the three villages making up the extensive Monterosa ski area (the other villages are Champoluc to the West and Gressoney in the middle of the system). In fact the ski an... more»

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    Champoluc, Italy

    Champoluc is a delightful, unspoilt village lying at the top of the Ayas Valley, below the imposing Monte Rosa mountain chain with its towering peaks and extensive glaciers. The village has a handf... more»

  • Gressoney4

    Gressoney, Italy

    This is the central resort of the mighty Monterosa ski domain - the 'Freeride Paradise'. Gressoney la Trinite is the main part of the resort with most of the hotels (the Dufour is of note here). Th... more»

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