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Ski Hire in Morzine

Ski hire Morzine - Caribou Sport in the centre of resort

Morzine is a surprisingly large and spread out alpine town with a large selection of hotels and over 300 chalets (either privately owned or rented through the ski holiday market). With its huge popularity as a winter sports destination it's not surprising that the year round population of nearly 3,000 inhabitants swells to over 25,000 in the peak winter weeks. There are therefore lots of ski hire shops and rental delivery services on offer in Morzine.

There are 10 or more ski rental shops in Morzine and these range from the cheap franchise outlets of Intersport, Sport 2000 and Skimium to larger independent shops such as Francois Baud (see FB Freeride below). There is certainly plenty of choice.

Ski hire in Morzine - your options:

1. Doorstep Skis

Doorstep Skis offer a highly regarded ski hire service. Online bookings from Alpine Answers clients receive a great discount between 20% and 40% (depending on the week). Watch a short promotional video on Doorstep Skis.

2. All Mountain Rental

All Mountain Rental were one of the first ski hire companies to offer an equipment delivery/pick up combined with in-chalet fitting service. They stock the highest quality equipment from a range of leading manufacturers (Black Crows, DPS and Volkl among others) to make sure you always have the best equipment available on the market. All Mountain Rental also own Beanies Bar & Pizzeria in Morzine centre. Watch this space for their new pizza delivery service which they are launching for the 2019/2020 season.

All Mountain Rental are one of only a handful of providers across the French Alps to offer Superfeet orthotic insoles with every pair of ski boots - guaranteeing a superior fit. New for winter 2019/2020 they have invested in a Wintersteiger robotic ski tuning machine which will ensure that each pair of skis is fully prepared for each new rental. This machine will prepare the base structure for a true flat surface, apply wax, precision sharpen edges and de-tune each pair of skis to perform at their very best for each new client. Online bookings receive a 20% discount and clients of Alpine Answers receive a further 5% discount when they use our promo code: Alpine Answers.

3. Francois Baud Freeride

Francois Baud Freeride is an independent ski hire shop located behind the Pleney gondola station and at the foot of the Pleney pistes. If you are staying near the Pleney lift and have a family it might be most practical to use this shop. Quote our promo code: Alpine Answers to get a 20% - 30% discount.

4. Ardent Sports

Ardent Sports is located in the Montriond area of Morzine. Guests staying in a Reach 4 The Alps chalet (eg Brown Bear Lodge) will receive a 20% discount.


For the best prices (up to 45% discount from the walk-in price) and a wide range of equipment please use our online ski hire booking service. For this we have teamed up with SKISET who have the largest network of ski hire outlets across the Alps.

Why we recommend SKISET

The online booking process is very easy with no need for your shoe size, weight or height. Simply choose your 1st ski day (usually the day after you arrive in resort), the number of days you wish to hire for and what category of equipment you wish to book. On booking you will receive an email receipt with pdf voucher which you print and take to any SKISET shop in resort.

For each category there are many different makes and models of skis and snowboards to choose from. The shop staff in resort will help you select the best equipment to match your ability, preferred ski terrain (piste, park or off-piste) and the prevailing snow conditions.

Your ski hire voucher can be used at the following SKISET stores (see map below)

  • Le Caribou Sport: Located on one of the main pedestrian streets near the Pleney lifts and slopes.
  • ABC Sport: Located one minute walk from the Super Morzine gondola station.

Extended ski hire for 7 or more days

If you wish to hire for 7 or more days please visit the SKISET website. Their online booking system will accept bookings of 7 days or more. Use this link to benefit from special rates for Alpine Answers clients: Hire periods of 7 or more days.

SKISET 'Premium' category of rental equipment

The top category of rental equipment available through any holiday company is the 'Excellence' category (which we price below). However, if you book directly through the SKISET website there is a more expensive 'Premium' category available in the larger resorts for those that have to have the best no matter the extra cost.

Skiset Ski and Snowboard Prices in Morzine

Adult prices

Equipment Economy For those who are skiing on a budget and want the cheapest kit. Evolution Suitable for slower green and blue run skiers with 1 – 5 weeks experience. Performance For strong, fast intermediate skiers with 5+ weeks experience. Equipment max 2 yrs (or 80 rental days) old. Excellence For skiers who want the newest skis who enjoy high performance skiing/snowboarding. Equipment max 1 yr (or 45 rental days) old.
Skis & Poles £68 £84 £103 £120
Skis, Poles & Boots £91 £112 £137 £160
Snowboard N/A £84 £103 N/A
Snowboard & Boots N/A £112 £137 N/A

Child prices

Equipment Mini Kid For young beginner children who are 4 or 5 years old. Kid For children 6 – 12 years old. Rider Junior For experienced younger children (beyond ESF Level 3). Also for 12 and 13 year olds in France & Austria (regardless of ability).
Skis & Poles £44 £44 £58
Skis, Poles & Boots £58 £58 £78
Snowboard N/A N/A £58
Snowboard & Boots N/A N/A £78

Location of Skiset stores

  • Funicular Funicular
  • Cable car Cable Car
  • Gondola Gondola
  • Chair lift Chair lift
  • Drag lift Drag lift
  • Map marker Property
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