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Ski Hire in La Plagne (Centre)

Ski hire Plagne Centre - Allais Ski

There are approximately 8 different ski hire shops in Plagne Centre ranging from budget options of Ski Republic and Intersport through to the larger franchise outlets of Skiset. There is also the independent Oxygene ski hire shop which is owned by Oxygene Ski School - a big presence in Plagne Centre. Oxygene have a well placed store in Plagne Centre but if getting to the shop is not practical they do have either an equipment delivery/pick up service whereby skis and boots can be brought to your chalet and fitted there, or a free customer minibus service to take you to and from their store.

Plagne Centre is a compact resort and largely on one level. This makes walking about the resort relatively easy, and unless you are staying in accommodation that is a long way from the resort centre walking to and from the hire stores should not be a problem.

Your options:

1. Oxygene

Oxygene Ski School own a well-stocked ski hire store in the heart of Plagne Centre on the snow-front (at L'Orée des Pistes). Apart from their in-shop fitting service they also have an equipment delivery/pick up service with in-chalet fitting available. They can also come to your accommodation with a free customer minibus service to take you to their shop and then return you when you have chosen your skis and boots. Mention Alpine Answers to receive a discount. Our clients also receive a 5% discount from a ski school booking with Oxygene.


For the best prices (up to 45% discount from the walk-in price) and a wide range of equipment please use our online ski hire booking service. For this we have teamed up with SKISET who have the largest network of ski hire outlets across the Alps. Select your accommodation from the drop down list (see map below) to show where you are staying in relation to their stores.

Why we recommend SKISET + Our prices compared with other ski holiday companies

The online booking process is as easy as pie. There is no need to enter your shoe size, weight or height. Simply choose your 1st ski day (usually the day after you arrive in resort), the number of days you wish to hire for and what category of equipment you wish to book. On booking you will receive an email receipt for your booking with an attached voucher. Please print this voucher and present at any SKISET store in your resort.

For each quality category there are many different makes and models of skis and snowboards to choose from. The shop staff in resort will help you select the best equipment from the category you booked to match your ability, preferred ski terrain (piste, park or off-piste) and the prevailing ski/snowboarding conditions.

Your ski hire voucher can be used at the following SKISET stores (see map below):

  • Allais Ski Le Pelvoux: Located on the snow-front in the heart of the resort. This is the resort's flagship rental store, established by the 1930's ski champ, Emile Allais.
  • Allais Ski Boardshop: Located next door to the above, gives Allais Sport a large shop front right on the slopes on the ground floor of the Galerie Le Pelvoux.
  • Allais Ski Le France: Located on the ground floor the Hotel Le France.
  • Lokaskis Terra Nova: Located on the ground floor of the Belambra Hotel Le Terra Nova.

Extended ski hire for 7 or more days

If you wish to hire for 7 or more days please visit the SKISET website. Their online booking system will accept bookings of 7 days or more. Use this link to benefit from special rates for Alpine Answers clients: Hire periods of 7 or more days.

SKISET 'Premium' category of rental equipment

The top category of rental equipment available through any holiday company is the 'Excellence' category (which we price below). However, if you book directly through the SKISET website there is a more expensive 'Premium' category available in the larger resorts for those that have to have the best no matter the extra cost.

Skiset Ski and Snowboard Prices in La Plagne (Centre)

Adult prices

Equipment Economy For those who are skiing on a budget and want the cheapest kit. Evolution Suitable for slower green and blue run skiers with 1 – 5 weeks experience. Performance For strong, fast intermediate skiers with 5+ weeks experience. Equipment max 2 yrs (or 80 rental days) old. Excellence For skiers who want the newest skis who enjoy high performance skiing/snowboarding. Equipment max 1 yr (or 45 rental days) old.
Skis & Poles £68 £84 £103 £120
Skis, Poles & Boots £91 £112 £137 £160
Snowboard N/A £84 £103 N/A
Snowboard & Boots N/A £112 £137 N/A

Child prices

Equipment Mini Kid For young beginner children who are 4 or 5 years old. Kid For children 6 – 12 years old. Rider Junior For experienced younger children (beyond ESF Level 3). Also for 12 and 13 year olds in France & Austria (regardless of ability).
Skis & Poles £44 £44 £58
Skis, Poles & Boots £58 £58 £78
Snowboard N/A N/A £58
Snowboard & Boots N/A N/A £78

Location of Skiset stores

  • Funicular Funicular
  • Cable car Cable Car
  • Gondola Gondola
  • Chair lift Chair lift
  • Drag lift Drag lift
  • Map marker Property
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