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Ski Hire Prices Compared

Our SKISET prices compared to other holiday companies

To illustrate just how good our online prices with SKISET are we have compared prices. We have chosen as an example the price for our top level of adult skis & boots from the 'Excellence' category with Skiset for a 6 day hire during high season February 2023.

High season prices for adult skis + boots for 6 days:

  • Alpine Answers (Excellence category): £148

  • Inghams (Black category): £153

  • SKISET website (Excellence category): £162

  • Skiworld (Platinum category): £166

  • Mark Warner (Superior category): £185

  • Snowberry (new Advanced/Expert): £190

  • VIP Ski (Platinum category): £256

Why the prices with Alpine Answers are better than with other providers

Tour operators and holiday companies are offered trade prices by SKISET (and other ski hire providers). They then choose their own prices to sell at, thereby making a profit margin. Making a large margin is how some ski holiday companies (such as Inghams) afford 2-4-1 deals on their equipment hire.

As a 'thank you' to our clients for booking through us we pass on nearly all of the savings that our trade prices give us. Our clients get the same great ski hire equipment but enjoy low prices. There is no catch.