New development in Val d’Isere

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This autumn marks the start of an ambitious and exciting new development in Val d’Isere. This will be the largest undertaken anywhere in the Alps within a generation – not since the creation of Arc 1950 has such a project been executed.

Le Coin de Val d’Isere is the name given to the €200m (£170m) redevelopment of the very heart of the resort over the next five years.

The project entails the demolition and reconstruction of a giant triangle of the centre of Val d’Isere which extend around 250m along the main road (Avenue Olympique) from the present bus station in the direction of La Daille. The apex of the triangle is roughly the present site of Dick’s Tea Bar. Dick’s and Le Petit Danois bar are two of scores of businesses that will be relocated, along with the central bus station.

A new piste will allow skiers to cruise on past Bananas restaurant and bar. Importantly, an underground moving walkway from the centre of town will bring skiers back up to the main access lifts on the ‘front de neige’ with the ski school meeting points and the Olympique and Solaise gondola stations. At present, the majority of visitors are reliant on the efficient Train Rouge free ski bus service to reach the slopes. However, Le Coin will create the five-star level of 21st-century ski convenience that Val d’Isere previously lacked.

Key elements of the new development in Val d’Isere

A total of 900 extra tourist beds, bringing the total of Val d’Isere to 25,760

Two new three/four star hotels, one of them with 51 bedrooms

Two apartment complexes, one of them with 19 units. The prospect of around 100 new private homes in prime locations in the very centre of such a world-class resort is unprecedented. More than 60% of Val’s clientèle is English-speaking and keen interest is expected from potential British buyers, as well as from other international guests.

A new arrivals centre on the Avenue Olympique that will incorporate a welcome desk. Children’s crèche and a new covered bus station.

New development in Val d New development in Val d’Isere – Le Coin de Val d’Isere

Le Coin is a joint project between the Val d’Isere town hall and local architect Jean Charles Covarel, who has been responsible for key parts of the renaissance of the resort in recent years. Much of this re-birth has been connected with the creation of many new luxury chalets. Covarel’s architectural style, both exterior and interior, is easily recognisable and Chalet Papillon, currently with Scott Dunn, is a fine example of his recent work.

The new village redevelopment will cover 22,000 square metres and replaces a whole range of 30-year-old buildings. The first of these will be demolished this autumn (2017).

Respect for the environment is a key component of Le Coin de Val, with smart systems designed to minimise energy consumption. Notably, rainwater and snowmelt are employed in the buildings’ sanitation system and geothermal energy is harnessed to heat the hotel rooms and apartments. Environmental studies into the effects of the development will be carried out this coming winter prior to the issue of final building permits next spring.

Construction will be completed in phases, designed to have minimum impact on visitors during the winter months. Work is scheduled for completion in 2022.

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