The construction and tech used in snowboards is very similar to that used in skis (see our skis page). The same principles apply, full camber will mean more grip due to more effective edge being in contact with the snow and often used in alpine or piste boards. These snowboards are generally less manoeuvrable than 'rockered' boards but much more stable and can be ridden faster. Some park boards are also made with full camber to get more 'pop'. These are generally very responsive and snappy.

Rockered boards are less stable due to less effective edge length but they are therefore much more manoeuvrable and easier to turn on. They also offer much better float off-piste and in deeper snow although as snowboards are wide they generally all float well in powder.

Many snowboards are made with a combination of rocker and camber to utilise the benefits of both design elements. The base of a snowboard offers a much higher surface area compared to a set of skis which creates more friction. This causes drag which slows a snowboard down (flat sections are never ideal on a board) and so there are different base materials available. Snowboards with better base materials will glide much better in those flat sections. Sintered bases tend to be faster than extruded bases and will also absorb more wax.

Snowboards can also have reinforcement within their core to stiffen them. Bigger, heavier riders or riders looking for speed will look for a snowboard with a stiffer core to offer stability. Materials such as carbon fibre or metal alloys are used for this.

All Mountain snowboards

These really span all styles of riding, fun and poppy, stable and solid, floaty and carvey. What more can you ask for in an all mountain go everywhere type of snowboard?

Freeride snowboards

Powerful and versatile, these snowboards carve amazingly on piste (not that you would use them on piste much) and float ridiculously well in powder - the aim of the game.

Freestyle snowboards

These boards come in a huge range of sizes. They ride groomers well with plenty of grip, have a ton of 'pop' but are also really fun to 'butter' on. Good on both rails and kickers which is something hard to achieve.

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