Ski Hire in Zermatt

Ski hire Zermatt - Matterhorn Sport on the main Bahnhofstrasse of Zermatt

There are many different ski hire shops in Zermatt ranging from good value options with the likes of Intersport (who have 4 or 5 stores in Zermatt) and Sport 2000, through to smaller independent stores such as Bayard who have two stores and Matterhorn Sport who have 3 stores linked with the on-line ski hire portal offered by SKISET.

Easy online ski hire booking for Zermatt

There is a free electro bus service that runs around Zermatt but guests staying in this iconic resort should realise that Zermatt is a large town rather than a small resort. Getting around the town, even if taking a bus or one of the expensive electro taxis, is a bit of a mission. We offer three ski hire shops (see map below) but there are many, many other stores in Zermatt that you could use, some of which will be closer to your accommodation.

Ski or snowboard rental in Zermatt


For the best prices (up to 45% discount from the walk-in price) and a wide range of equipment please use our online ski hire booking service. For this we have teamed up with SKISET who have the largest network of ski hire outlets across the Alps. Select your accommodation from the drop down list (see map below) to show where you are staying in relation to their stores.

Why we recommend SKISET

Our prices compared with other ski holiday companies

The online booking process is as easy as pie. There is no need to enter your shoe size, weight or height. Simply choose your 1st ski day (usually the day after you arrive in resort), the number of days you wish to hire for and what category of equipment you wish to book. On booking you will receive an email receipt for your booking with an attached voucher. Please print this voucher and present at any SKISET store in your resort.

For each quality category there are many different makes and models of skis and snowboards to choose from. The shop staff in resort will help you select the best equipment from the category you booked to match your ability, preferred ski terrain (piste, park or off-piste) and the prevailing ski/snowboarding conditions.

Your ski hire voucher can be used at the following SKISET stores (see map below):

  • Matterhorn Sport 1 (Centre): Located at No.78 Bahnhofstrasse (the main street of Zermatt) next door to the Hotel Monterosa.
  • Matterhorn Sport 2 (Riva): Located behind the Gornergrat railway station on the river's edge at No.59 Matterstrasse.
  • Matterhorn Sport 3 (Neudorf): No.12 Steinmattstrasse opposite the Spycher bar of the Hotel Aristella.

Extended ski hire for 7 or more days

If you wish to hire for 7 or more days then please visit the SKISET website. Their online booking system will accept bookings of 7 days or more. Use this link to benefit from special rates for Alpine Answers clients: Hire periods of 7 or more days.

SKISET 'Premium' category of rental equipment

The top category of rental equipment available through any holiday company is the 'Excellence' category (which we price below). However, if you book directly through the SKISET website there is a more expensive 'Premium' category available for those that have to have the best no matter the extra cost. Brands featured in this category include: Lacroix, Black Crows, Kastle, Exonde and Blizzard.

Skiset Ski and Snowboard Prices in Zermatt

Adult prices

Equipment Economy For those who are skiing on a budget and want the cheapest kit. Evolution Suitable for slower green and blue run skiers with 1 – 5 weeks experience. Performance For strong, fast intermediate skiers with 5+ weeks experience. Equipment max 2 yrs (or 80 rental days) old. Excellence For skiers who want the newest skis who enjoy high performance skiing/snowboarding. Equipment max 1 yr (or 45 rental days) old.
Skis & Poles N/A £95 £122 £166
Skis, Poles & Boots N/A £144 £191 £236
Snowboard N/A £95 £122 N/A
Snowboard & Boots N/A £144 £191 N/A

Child prices

Equipment Mini Kid For young beginner children who are 4 or 5 years old. Kid For children 6 – 12 years old. Rider Junior For experienced younger children (beyond ESF Level 3). Also for 12 and 13 year olds in France & Austria (regardless of ability).
Skis & Poles £35 £61 N/A
Skis, Poles & Boots £61 £96 N/A
Snowboard N/A N/A £95
Snowboard & Boots N/A N/A £144

Location of Skiset stores

  • Funicular 3545022401d4cbcd363e07397500eb11e3c0a8b9938ecfc1bd44a5c240306315 Funicular
  • Cable car 262438c5626f68940e156df868b18890cdda3d131cdffa026f19e15448a2f3ea Cable Car
  • Gondola 08fc130c360bf663b5723567aab3384edc88bcec2e297e955865a20bc8050cb2 Gondola
  • Chair lift 207bbb7ef0c7c3f5458d8e1b5bb1a59b179909dbc96c70cbc66d08927a59c61f Chair lift
  • Drag lift 9649c8f20eb92153651608a16dced21b25b21acd3ad6ca90cea261c90ea44648 Drag lift
  • Map marker 453dea188bab96b378528958d3eb238715efc6522f6222fc7af2c570aa899787 Property
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