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Ski Hire in Meribel

Ski hire Meribel - Sport Boutique

There are approximately 12 different ski hire shops in Meribel ranging from budget options through to big, well-stocked shops such as Ski Boutique 1 (see below and the image opposite). There are also ski hire equipment delivery options in Meribel whereby your chosen ski or snowboard kit is delivered (and picked up at the end of the week) directly to your chalet or hotel. A delivery/pick up service will be a more expensive option but might be a more practical option for some.

Easy online ski hire booking for Meribel

If you are staying in a catered chalet the staff may drive you to and from your chosen ski hire shop at the beginning and end of your holiday so that you can pick up and drop off your equipment. If there is no driver service available there is always the resort free bus service which will get you around Meribel easily enough.

Ski hire options:

1. White Storm

White Storm offer an equipment delivery/pick up and mobile service (within the hour response time). Established in 1998 they have a strong presence in the Three Valleys area and in the centre of Meribel (next to the Taverne bar/restaurant) they have their flagship store which clients can visit instead of using the delivery service if they prefer. Quote our promo code: ALPINEANSWERS for a 20%-45% on-line discount.

2. Slide Candy

Slide Candy also offer an equipment delivery/pick up service. Their aim is to provide superior quality of gear with exceptional service at a competitive and honest price. Book on-line for a 30% discount. Quote our promo code: Alpine Answers for best prices.

3. FreeSki

FreeSki have a large shop located right in the centre of main resort Meribel close to the tourist office and the bottom of the escalator leading to the pistes. They cater largely for the UK market and offer a number of services. They will pick you up in their minivan from your chalet or hotel and bring you to the store to arrange your kit, and when you are finished they will run you and your equipment back to your accommodation. They also offer to drop off and pick up your pre-booked equipment and also they offer an overnight storage facility for skis and boots. All you need to do is get to the shop in your comfy shoes and then get your boots on and pick up your skis. The escalator to the slopes is opposite the store.


SKISET have the largest network of ski hire outlets across the Alps, and our on-line booking process is very easy. There is no need to enter your shoe size, weight or height - simply choose your 1st day of skiing (usually the day after you arrive in resort), the number of days you wish to hire for, and what category of equipment you wish to book. On booking you will receive an email with confirmation of your booking along with an attached voucher. Please print this voucher and present in any of the SKISET stores. Why we recommend SKISET. Our prices compared with other ski holiday companies.

For each product category there are many different makes and models of skis and snowboards to choose from. The shop staff in resort will help you select the best equipment from the category you booked to match your ability, preferred ski terrain (piste, park or off-piste) and the prevailing ski/snowboarding conditions.

Details of the full product range with SKISET

How to use the map below: Select your accommodation from the drop-down list of accommodation options (chalets and hotels) to show where your chosen accommodation is located in relation to the SKISET stores.

Your ski hire voucher can be used at the following SKISET store(s). See map below:

  • Sport Boutique 1: Situated in the resort centre this is the flagship rental store for ski hire in Meribel.
  • Sport Boutique 2: Situated at the uppermost part of Meribel on the Route de Plateau.
  • Espacegliss 2: Situated close to the main lift hub at Chaudanne.
  • Skiset Hevana: Located in the new L'Hevana Residence close to the main lifts and centre of resort.

Extended ski hire for 7 days

Book for 6 days using the online booking process below. Then email [email protected] to request an extra day. We will re-issue your voucher with the 7th day added for free.

SKISET 'Premium' category of rental equipment

Booking directly with SKISET gives you access to their 'Premium' category (only available in the larger resorts). This top level of equipment is for those who want the very best and latest equipment.

Skiset Ski and Snowboard Prices in Meribel

Adult prices

Equipment Economy For those who are skiing on a budget and want the cheapest kit. Evolution Suitable for slower green and blue run skiers with 1 – 5 weeks experience. Performance For strong, fast intermediate skiers with 5+ weeks experience. Equipment max 2 yrs (or 80 rental days) old. Excellence For skiers who want the newest skis who enjoy high performance skiing/snowboarding. Equipment max 1 yr (or 45 rental days) old.
Skis & Poles £68 £84 £103 £120
Skis, Poles & Boots £91 £112 £137 £160
Snowboard N/A £84 £103 N/A
Snowboard & Boots N/A £112 £137 N/A

Child prices

Equipment Mini Kid For young beginner children who are 4 or 5 years old. Kid For children 6 – 12 years old. Rider Junior For experienced younger children (beyond ESF Level 3). Also for 12 and 13 year olds in France & Austria (regardless of ability).
Skis & Poles £44 £44 £58
Skis, Poles & Boots £58 £58 £78
Snowboard N/A N/A £58
Snowboard & Boots N/A N/A £78

Location of Skiset stores

  • Funicular Funicular
  • Cable car Cable Car
  • Gondola Gondola
  • Chair lift Chair lift
  • Drag lift Drag lift
  • Map marker Property
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