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Chalets in Meribel - a view showing the chalets in Meribel and Meribel Village in the distance

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Chalets in Meribel come in all sizes and quality. We have well over 100 Meribel chalets to choose from. Search availability for all chalet holidays in Meribel using our easy to use chalet search below. We feature Meribel chalets from the smallest (which sleep 6) to the largest (which sleep well over 20 guests). Whatever your party size or group's preferences there will be the perfect Meribel chalet for you in the selection below.

When using the chalet search engine below please decide whether you are looking for a chalet for your party's sole use or whether you are happy to share a chalet with other guests. To see prices and availability you need to select a departure week for your holiday. You can easily refine your search by ticking one of the useful search criteria to give you a manageable number of great Meribel chalets to look at. 'Sorting' your results by price or chalet size will make it even easier to find the perfect chalet for you.

Simply add your favourite chalets to your shortlist (this can be done from the chalet detail page) and send this to our team of advisers. We will be back to you within a few hours to help you select the best chalet to suit your needs. For more information on Meribel see our resort guide to Meribel which has details on restaurants, ski schools, ski hire as well as general information on the ski terrain and a very useful Google map of the centre of Meribel.

Chalets in Meribel - the separate residential areas explained

Chalets in Meribel are incredibly popular and it must be noted that with over 100 chalets in Meribel available to book for a holiday it's important to understand the layout of the resort. Meribel is obviously a large resort but it is also one that ranges significantly in altitude as it sprawls up the west facing lower slopes of the Dent de Burgin mountain. The lowest part of Meribel resort lies at approximately 1,450m altitude but the upper most residential areas are closer to 1,700m.

It is therefore very important to understand the topography of Meribel and the exact location of your chalet in Meribel compared to the location of the resort centre and also the main lifts. After creating and refining your shortlist of Meribel chalets below you can then switch to a 'map view' of your selection. To aid you further in using the map view below is a brief guide to the various areas of Meribel and the type of chalets that you can find in each.

Chalets in the Lezeratta and Mussillon areas

As you climb the road from Moutiers and enter Meribel proper there are two residential areas that you will first find. Mussillon is where most of the chalets in Meribel are located and this is to the left, on your right is Lezeretta which has a fewer older chalets. The chalets of Mussillon are generally good quality and have great views but are 10-15 minutes walk from the centre of Meribel, and even further from the main lifts at Chaudanne. Most tour operators will run a minibus shuttle service to and from the lifts if you are staying here but it's important to check unless you don't mind the walk. Chalet Arols Bleus is a good example of a chalet in this part of Meribel.

Chalets in Meribel - the Mussillon area

Chalets in Meribel Centre

Continuing into the resort you are forced to turn right on the one way system to the lower ring road, Le Route Albert Gacon. This passes the Parc Olympique sports centre which is also where the Olympe Gondola, ascending all the way from Brides Les Bains, terminates. Just past the sports centre you will find La Chaudanne, the main lift hub of Meribel and the main ski school meeting point. Turning left up the hill will take you past the rather basic but brilliantly located Chalet Hotel Les Grangettes and on into the centre of Meribel. The only chalet situated right in the centre of Meribel is Chalet Snowbel.

The Chalets of Morel and Altitude 1600

Climbing up the hill from the centre you come to Morel, home to the famous Chez Kiki restaurant, and Altitude 1600. Behind Chez Kiki are various mid range chalets such as the Chalet Azalee and not far from here is the Morel Chairlift which is a useful start off point for chalets here. Altitude 1600 is actually a secondary 'resort centre' with quite a few shops, bars and ski hire outlets so if you are staying here you might not even feel the need to travel down the hill to the main centre.

Chalets in Meribel - skiing towards the chalets of the Altitude 1600 area

Les Chalets and Le Plateau

Further up from Altitude 1600 you will come to Les Chalets and then Le Plateau. The latter area is dominated by large self catering apartment blocks but as the name suggests the Les Chalets district has some traditional chalet properties. The luxurious Chalet Les Trois Ours is a fine example of one of the chalets here and is also one of the best properties in the resort. Situated on the edge of the piste for ski-in and ski-out convenience this is one of our most highly recommended chalets in Meribel.

Le Rond Point and Belvedere

Right at the top of the resort you will find Le Rond Point and then Belvedere. The former area has been made famous by the hugely popular apres ski bar, Le Rond Point (aka 'Ronnies'), which is located on the edge of the 'home' piste. The Aspens is one of the latest chalet developments to be built in Meribel and has been developed from the former Club Med property here. These luxury apartments have stunning views, flexible catering arrangements and ski-in ski-out convenience.

Chalets in the La Renarde area of Meribel

At Altitude 1600 one has the option of carrying on up the hill to the Plateau, Les Chalets, Rond Point and Belvedere areas (see above) or descending back down towards Meribel Centre via the back road, Route de la Renarde. This is one of the oldest residential areas of the resort and is now where the most luxurious chalets in Meribel are located.

Some of the older chalets are being bought up and then demolished to be replaced with swanky chalet properties like Chalet SHL. For those looking for a comfortable yet affordable chalet in the Renarde area of Meribel then we recommend Chalet Veronica. Of all the separate districts of Meribel this is our favorite so we recommend booking early and bagging a chalet here. The Route de la Renarde is very pretty and the older chalets give this part of Meribel real alpine feel. The centre of the resort, depending on the position of your chalet, is no more than 5-10 minutes walk away and the edge of the piste is likely to be even closer. Chalets in the La Renarde district of Meribel area therefore highly desirable.

The outer lying areas of Chandon, Le Raffort, Nantgerel and La Gittaz

Further down the main valley and outside the village limits of Meribel lie the hamlets of Chandon, Le Raffort, Nantgerel and La Gittaz. There are a growing number of very comfortable and exceedingly well priced chalets in these areas of Meribel but it is vital if you book a chalet in one of these locations that you either have your own car or else have the benefit of a reliable minibus shuttle service. Although blissfully quiet the journey to and from the centre of the resort and the main lifts might put some off.

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