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Chalets in St Anton - the high street of this Arlberg classic ski resort

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With over 70 chalets in St Anton we have plenty of choice. Our chalet search engine checks availability and shows prices - it's very easy to use. You can also view all available chalets in a map view if you are location specific. We feature a full range of chalets in this fantastic Austrian resort from great value to the ultimate in luxury.

The chalets in St Anton tend to be at one end of the resort or the other with only a few in the resort centre itself. Nasserein, at the Eastern end of St Anton is about 10 minutes walk from the resort centre and guests staying here can now benefit from the new Nasserein gondola lift station.

Three advantages of chalets in St Anton situated in the Nasserein area

1) It is possible under normal ski conditions to ski back to Nasserein at the end of the ski day. In fact it's possible (limbs willing) to make a high traverse from either the Mooserwirt or Krazy Kanguruh apres ski bars all the way back to the bottom of the Nasserein gondola.

2) Groups with beginners will appreciate the nursery slopes and ski school meeting point that is at the foot of the Nasserein lift.

3) This is a quiet area of the resort, and anyone who has stayed in one of the hotels or chalets in the centre of St Anton will know that a good night's sleep is a lovely thing. Oberdorf is at the other end of St Anton and is a residential area that sprawls up the hill. Although chalets in this area of St Anton are closer than those in Nasserein to the centre of the resort you might find that the walk back up the hill after a night out in town is more arduous than you bargained for. For more information on the layout of St Anton open the section below on the separate residential areas.

When using the search engine below first select your departure weekend as this will enable you to view the prices and availability for all chalets in St Anton on your chosen week. You can then easily refine your search by chalet size and/or chalet quality, and there are other search criteria you can use such as with hot tub, fireplace, steam room or childcare. Simply add favourite chalets to your shortlist (from the chalet detail page) and then send this shortlist to our team of advisers. We will be back to you within a few hours to help you select the best chalet to suit your 'wish-list'. For more info on St Anton see our resort guide to St Anton.

Chalets in St Anton - the residential areas explained

Given that St Anton is a fairly 'strung out' resort (nearly 3km from one end to the other) the location of your preferred chalet should be considered carefully. We would be delighted to talk you through the best choice of location for your chalet in St Anton but in the meantime this guide to the various areas can be used in conjunction with the 'Map View' of your chalet search results below.

Chalets in Moos, Dengert, Stadle, Gastig and Oberdorf

The main road (Arlberg Strasse) which leaves from the centre of St Anton in a westerly direction (towards St Christophe) climbs a relatively steep hill. About 1.5km from the centre of resort and with an altitude gain of 100-150 metres you will come to the outlying areas of Stadle, Dengert and Moos. If you are staying in a property in one of these areas it is important to consider the journey to and from the chalet at the end and beginning of each day. The smarter chalets operated by companies like Scott Dunn come with a private minibus service but guests staying in other chalets will need to rely on the not so frequent (but free) public bus service.

To help with the problem faced by clients in accommodation up the hill ski hire shops allow the storage of skis and boots in their shops overnight. This not only means you can put your feet into toasty warm boots in the morning but it also means you can get to and from the ski hire shop wearing your comfy walking shoes. As the ski hire shops are either located at the foot of the slopes or in the centre of the resort there is actually very little need to schlepp about St Anton in your ski boots. Although in reality what tends to happen is that people come off the mountain and instead of detouring to the ski hire shop (to drop off skis and change from ski boots to shoes) they head straight for the bar. By the time hunger reminds people it's time to head for dinner they find the ski hire shops are closed and there is no option but to trudge all the way back to their chalet in ski boots and carrying their skis.

Chalets in the 'Moos' area of St Anton are the furthest properties from the resort centre but they do have the distinct advantage of being within stumbling distance of the legendary Mooserwirt and Krazy Kanguruh après-ski bars. So after a couple of sherbets taken at the end of a great ski day you can safely stumble back to your chalet rather than taking on a ski down to St Anton in the dark.

The chalet areas of Gastig and Oberdorf are also up the hill in the same general direction as Stadle and Moos but are accessed via the quieter Alte Arlberg Strasse which runs more or less parallel with the main road. As in Stadle, Dengert and Moos one has to rely on a public bus service to make the journey down the hill in the morning and back up again at the end of the day but chalets here do benefit from lovely elevated views across to the Rendl Mountain and its ski area on the other side of the main valley.

Chalets in Oberdorf are actually close enough to the resort centre to make the journey to the main lifts on foot. However, it should be noted that the walk down the hill in the morning is far less arduous than the struggle back up the hill after a long day's ski. However, at less than 600 metres (about 6 minutes) the walk is definitely do-able and might even be considered as a useful cardio workout.

Chalets in St Anton Dorf and Nasserein

Leaving the pedestrian main street in an easterly direction the road turns into the Dorfstrasse and heads towards St Anton Dorf (with its recognisable onion domed church) and then onto Nasserein. Although Nasserein is just as far from the resort centre as Stadle (1.5km) the topography of the valley floor landscape is more or less flat making it very possible to walk to and from the resort centre from this area of St Anton. Chalets in Dorf are approximately 6 minutes walk (600 metres) from either the main lifts in St Anton or the new gondola in Nasserein but they have the advantages of a quiet location (much appreciated in St Anton) and also being situated within a flat walk (4-5 minutes) of the resort centre with its amazing selection of shops, bars and nightclubs.

Until the turn of the Millennium Nasserein was considered too far out from the main lifts and centre of the resort to be desirable. As a result the properties here were often the cheapest chalets in St Anton. However, all that changed when the new high-speed gondola was installed connecting Nasserein (1,275m) to the Gampen mountain (1,850m) allowing people to easily access the main ski area. The Nasserein nursery slopes with their dedicated drag lift are where the ski schools take beginners and to cap it all it is possible to ski back to Nasserein when coming off the main mountain at the end of the day. If your legs and ability are still intact it is even possible to traverse back from the Mooserwirt après-ski bar to Nasserein. With the new lift, nursery slopes and ski access Nasserein has been suddenly catapulted into being the most desirable location in resort. There is a real mixture of chalet properties here but the area suits all types of skiers and boarders from families looking to be close to the nursery slopes to ‘die hards’ enjoying the easy access to a modern lift.

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