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Check out the latest snow conditions with High Definition Webcam Links

If you want to take a look at the weather in the Alps right now but are tired of fuzzy, poor quality webcam images then check out these High Definition webcams in the French Alps. With their amazing quality and full screen image size it's almost like looking through a window and seeing what the snow and weather are doing. You can also create some time lapse images so that you can see a snow storm rolling in and watch as the snow depth builds in front of your eyes.

If you want to check out a pretty neat snow forecast site then we recommend We Powder. They have some good stats and some interesting tips on the best areas in the main resorts for off piste skiing/riding with slope profiles, aspects and invaluable information. There are also some great Vimeo film edits that are worth browsing through. Predicting snow falls and making accurate snow forecasts is obviously not an exact science but as the weather stats and the computing power to make sense of them both improve, sites like We Powder are getting pretty close to make it one.

SNOW UPDATE - 5th January 2017

It's snowing in the east of Switzerland and in Austria (in particular around the Arlberg area) Already 20-60 cm of fresh snow has fallen since yesterday and it is estimated that another 20-40 cm of snow will fall today!


There's finally snow in the forecast for the French Alps from Tuesday / Wednesday next week. According to the European reports, it will start snowing in the French northern Alps on Tuesday and it will keep on snowing for a week!!!

To get you in the mood, check out the video from St Anton which was filmed this morning

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