Short break chalets

Short break chalets - the Ferme de Lac Vert near Morzine

Many of the 160+ chalet companies we work with offer properties which can be booked for less than 7 nights as short break chalets. Skiers who love the ambiance of a catered chalet but do not have the available time from their busy lives to book a whole week can choose one of the fabulous chalets below. All are available for a short stay ranging in duration from 2 to 6 nights.

Short break chalets - prices and availability

On the left is the charming Ferme du Lac Vert. Located less than one hour's drive from Geneva Airport it makes a perfect choice for ski weekend or short ski break - high quality chalet accommodation, top quality food and hospitality and access to the largest interlinked ski domain in the world, the Portes du Soleil.

Why short break chalets become available

All chalet companies and owners will prefer to take 7 night bookings from weekend to weekend so that their bookings can be dove-tailed back to back. Guests from one booking will vacate their chalet on a Saturday or Sunday morning and the guests for the following week will arrive later that same day. In this way chalet companies (often working on tight profit margins) can maximise their seasonal revenues. Indeed highly popular chalets will be booked out from the beginning of December right through to mid April without a single unbooked night. The perfect score and the chalet owner's/manager's dream of the fabled 100% occupancy rate.

However, sometimes (usually in the low season months of January and March) a chalet company will accept a short stay booking from a client. In these instances they will take the view that a booking of 3 to 4 nights is better than running the risk of not getting a booking at all. Guests therefore sometimes book a chalet from Thursday to Sunday or perhaps Saturday to Wednesday for a price which is less than the full 7 night weekly rate. This then leaves the remaining nights of the week available to book.

Given that a chalet company has already accepted a booking that will supply most of the revenue it expects for a full 7 night booking they then look to sell the unbooked nights for a heavily reduced price. If they can sell these remaining available nights the income provides the 'icing on the cake'. To attract guests to book these available short break periods chalet companies will offer a heavily reduced price (see below).

How to search short break chalets using our search engine

Enter the weekend which is at the start of the week in which you wish to travel. Our search engine will list all the available ski weekend properties available in that week (either at the beginning or the end of the week selected). Some chalets are only available for exclusive use (you have to book the whole property) but others can be booked by the room so that guests will be sharing the chalet with other guests.

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