Luxury chalets in Meribel

Luxury chalets Meribel - Chalet Alpaca

The luxury chalets in Meribel rival the best properties from any ski resort in the world. Ever since Colonel Peter Lindsay started promoting Meribel as a destination for the British to build private properties in the Alps it has flourished as a chalet style ski resort.

The first luxury chalets in Meribel

The earliest chalets in the resort were built on the aptly named Routes des Chalets and the Route de la Renarde which both climb the hill behind the tourist office, flanking the blue grade Doron piste. Today the chalets located on one of these two quiet, pretty roads are still the most sought after - they have commanding west facing views, large private grounds and proximity to the piste. Most of the original stone and wood chalets from the 1950's have since been replaced by truly luxurious chalets with every modern convenience but a few older, privately owned properties remain.

We have a fantastic collection of luxury chalets in Meribel and Meribel Village. We show prices and you can easily search available properties for your chosen week

Dou du Pont area

Lower down the resort and on the opposite side of the valley is the modern Dou du Pont estate which is an expanding area for luxury chalets in Meribel. Properties such as VIP's Taiga Lodge and Ski Cuisine's Chalet Carcajou are examples of chalets built here in recent years. The Dou du Pont estate faces the main resort of Meribel, across the other side of the valley, which means the afternoon views when the setting sun bathes the resort and Saulire Mountain in a soft light, are especially spectacular.

Luxury chalets in Mussillon

The main residental area in Meribel of Mussillon features a fair proportion of Meribel's luxury chalets. Chalet Chez Menor (formerly with Meriski) has been remodelled completely by its present owner and offered through the French holiday rental company, Home Town Experience. La Ferme de mon Grandpere in a similar way has undergone a complete redevelopment and both these Mussillon located chalets now feature luxury spa areas with swimming pool, sauna, steam rooms and Jacuzzis. Chalet Mont Tremblant (image below) is another example of a lovely chalet property in the Mussillon area of Meribel. First appearing in the Meriski portfolio it then moved to Consensio and then Bramble Ski.

Luxury chalets Meribel - Mussillon

Chalets in Meribel Village

Meribel Village, which is a satellite resort to main Meribel, is a charming place to stay and gives easy access to the main ski area via the Golf Chairlift. Alpine Infusion have had luxury chalets in Meribel Village for a number of years (Chalet Iamato for example) but more recently Fish n Pips and Avery Crest have added luxury chalets to Meribel Village. If you prefer to stay in a quieter area of Meribel with real village charm then chalets like du Vallon and Cerf Rouge make great choices.

Luxury properties in the Domaine du Burgin area of Meribel

The Domaine du Burgin is an exclusive residential area of Meribel situated just below Belevedere and moments from the edge of the Georges Mauduit piste. With cheaper land prices and greater amounts of space developers have built some huge luxury chalets here. A long standing favourite is Chalet Brames which offers over 600 square metres of living area. Chalets Genepi and Valentine are equally luxurious and also located in the Domaine du Burgin. Clients should book one of these spectacular properties if they are looking for a quiet, private and secluded holiday rental. However, they will need to rely on a chauffeur service to ferry them to and from skiing and the centre of resort.

Luxury chalets Meribel - Domaine du Burgin

We have approximately 50 luxury chalets in Meribel which we rate with either 5 or 6 'snowflakes'. Please note that with no official star rating for chalet properties (unlike with hotels) we have awarded our own snowflake rating.

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