St Anton family ski holidays

St Anton has a reputation as being rather rowdy and not the ideal resort for families with young children. To some extent this is true. However, there is a more genteel and calm part of St Anton that is actually very child friendly. St Anton family ski holidays can be everything a family with young children needs – atmopsheric, great ski schools, good nursery slopes that are easy to access, short airport transfers and great value.

St Anton for families
St Anton family ski holidays – Nasserein is the perfect location for families.

The area known as Nasserein is where you will find the very gentle nursery slopes as well as the ski school meeting point. You will also find the Nasserein gondola which gets you into the ski system quickly and efficiently. At the end of the day you can ski all the way back to meet the kids and then only have a short walk to your accommodation. All very convenient.

Over the past 20 years Nasserein has grown, so much so, it has its own atmosphere, restaurants and apres ski scene. However, after 8pm it is very quiet, another reason why this area appeals to families. The main central part of St Anton is a good 10 minute walk away.

For us, one of the big pluses is the ski school in Nasserein. This has to be one of the best non-British run ski schools that we know. All the instructors speak perfect English whether they are Austrian or any other nationality. Lessons are always made to be fun and for those who ski they will have lunch with their instructor on the mountain. All part of the deal.

Children’s ski courses

  • Bambinis – half day programme for 3 year old’s includes a mixture of skiing, playing and entertainment.
Ski school in St Anton
Super friendly ski school in St Anton
  • Minis – this is almost a full day’s programme for 4 years old’s offering skiing and playtime.
Ski school in St Anton
Great ski school for families.
  • Children’s ski courses – lessons for 5 year olds and above. This is a 4 hour daily lesson and includes an hour for lunch.
St Anton family ski holidays - for all ability levels
Ski courses for all children ability levels in St Anton.
  • For advanced kids there is also a freestyle junior programme for children from 10 to 16 years old.
St Anton family ski holidays - for all ability levels
The excellent ski school in St Anton.

ANOTHER BIG PLUS – children 8 years old and under only pay 10 Euros for their ski pass! (Born 2011 or later for the 2018-19 season). Children born between 2003 and 2010 also get a generous reduction on the cost of a ski pass.

Other things to do for children in St Anton

  • Natural Toboggan trails
  • Ice skating
  • Indoor sports including- bowling, tennis, squash, climbing walls
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Various walking trails


For perfect St Anton family ski holidays we offer both catered chalet and hotel based accommodation options. Some of the holiday companies we offer are family holiday specialists and have their own in-house staff to look after your children. Here is a list of some of our favourite chalets and chalet hotels in Nasserein:

  1. Chalet Alexandra – sleeps 6     Luxury chalet for 6.
  2. Chalet Haus Gamskar – sleeps 8-9    Ski in and out.
  3. Chalet Eisfall – sleeps 10-12  Great location and is very cheap.
  4. Chalet Haus Hochkar – sleeps 10-11   Ski in and out.
  5. Chalet Tschoder – sleeps 14    Very high end chalet.
  6. Chalet Rosmarie – sleeps 19-23    Very convenient location, cheap.
  7. Chalet Hotel Pepi Gabl – sleeps 77-90    Right by lifts and comes with creche and child care.

As some of us in the office have young children we can vouch for St Anton and in particular the area of Nasserein as being the prefect place to get young children skiing. Adults will also find the area exhilarating with plenty of choice.

Do get in touch with any questions or help with your next family ski holiday in St Anton.

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