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Chalets in Meribel - Chalet Valentine

There is a huge selection of chalets in Meribel. Many would argue that Meribel was the birth place of the British 'chalet holiday' concept and certainly it has always been a hugely popular resort with the British who are still very much in love with ski chalet holidays. We sell holidays to over 100 chalets in Meribel and these range from small properties with 3 bedrooms to larger chalets sleeping 20 or more guests. We also have a few club or chalet hotel properties in Meribel which offer an informal chalet atmosphere.

Meribel chalets - check availability and prices

As well a wide range of properties there is also a wide range of chalet companies operating in Meribel which offer chalet based holidays within the full spectrum of prices.

Larger tour operators such as Inghams, Skiworld and Ski Total, Ski Beat and Alpine Action offer very keenly priced packaged holidays (with flights and transfers included) but we also sell chalets in Meribel with small, specialist chalet operations that offer the very highest standards of accommodation and in-resort service. Chalet companies like Ski Cuisine, Consensio, Purple Ski, Alpine Infusion, Bramble Ski and VIP Ski offer a superior holiday product which is mostly booked on a 'chalet only' basis.

We also offer single owner/managed Meribel chalets which provide a unique and bespoke service for their guests. Tailored menu plans, dedicated in-resort concierge services, private resort transfers and top quality catering are what set these properties apart.

Full list of chalet operators in Meribel

Alpine Action | Alpine Infusion | Avery Crest | Bramble Ski | Chalet Arolla | Cimalpes | Club Med | Consensio Ski | Ferme de Mon Grand Pere | Fish and Pips | Home Town Experience | Inghams | Meribel Ski Chalets | Meriski | Mountain Heaven | Purple Ski | Ski Beat | Ski Blanc | Ski Cuisine | Ski Total | Skiworld | Summit Chalets | TG Ski | The Alpine Generation | The Boutique Chalet Company | The Chalet Company | VIP Ski

If there are any other chalet companies that you know of and would recommend please do let us know.

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If you have decided to book a chalet in Meribel for your next ski holiday then you might like to read more about Meribel chalets that have a particular feature. Use the links below to read more and further help with your research.

Ski in ski out Meribel chalets Most of the ski in ski out chalets in Meribel are found either at the upper areas of the resort or just off the Route des Chalets that ascends the hill from behind the tourist office and flanks the Doron piste.

Chalets in Meribel with hot tub Once only found in the most luxurious chalets in resort a hot tub can now be enjoyed by skiers on a more modest budget. Now over half the chalets we offer in Meribel have either and indoor or outdoor hot tub.

Chalets in Meribel with fireplace There are only a few chalets in Meribel that do not have a fireplace but please note that not all fireplaces are the same. Some fireplaces are little more than glass fronted stoves whereas others offer the full baronial atmosphere of an open log fireplace.

Meribel chalets with sauna/steam room If you are looking for the full relax experience in your chalet and want a property with sauna or steam room then please read more about your ideal Meribel chalet here.

Chalets in Meribel - the separate residential areas explained

With over 100 chalets in Meribel available to book for a holiday it's important to understand the geographical layout and the several distinct residential areas to the resort. Meribel is obviously a large resort but it is also one that ranges significantly in altitude as it sprawls up the west facing lower slopes of the Dent de Burgin Mountain. The lowest part of Meribel resort lies at approximately 1,450m altitude but the upper most residential areas are closer to 1,700m.

With such a large vertical difference between the top and the bottom it is very important to understand the topography of Meribel and the exact location of your chalet in Meribel compared to the location of the resort centre and the main lifts.

Chalets in the Lezeratta and Mussillon areas

Mussillon is where the majority of catered chalets in Meribel are located. The chalets found here are generally good quality and have great views but are 10-15 minutes walk from the centre of Meribel, and even further from the main lifts at Chaudanne. Most tour operators will run a minibus shuttle service to and from the lifts if you are staying here

Chalets in Meribel Centre

There are very few chalets located in the heart of the resort which is where the tourist office and most of the shops and bars are found. There is the rather basic but brilliantly located Chalet Hotel Les Grangettes which is is also located at the foot of the home pistes and the small but brilliantly positioned Chalet Snowbel.

The Chalets of Morel and Altitude 1600

Altitude 1600 is actually a secondary resort centre with quite a few shops, bars and ski hire outlets. There are quite a few mid range chalets located behind the well known Chez Riki restaurant and a few more found near the Morel Chairlift. Although accessing this lift is pretty easy in the morning it should be noted that the run leading back to the bottom of the Morel lift is not the easiest and hardly ever groomed.

Les Chalets and Le Plateau

Towards the top of Meribel is the Les Chalets and Le Plateau areas. The latter area is dominated by large self catering apartment blocks but as the name suggests the Les Chalets district has some traditional and luxury chalet properties.

Le Rond Point and Belvedere

Right at the highest level of Meribel is Le Rond Point and Belvedere. The former area is home to the popular apres ski bar, Le Rond Point, which is located on the edge of the 'home' piste. The Aspens is one of the latest chalet developments to be built in Meribel and has been developed from the former Club Med property located here.

Chalets in the La Renarde area of Meribel

From Altitude 1600 descend back down towards Meribel Centre via the quiet back road, Route de la Renarde. This is one of the oldest residential areas of the resort and is where the most luxurious chalets in Meribel are located.

The outer lying areas of Chandon, Le Raffort, Nantgerel and La Gittaz

Outside the village limits of Meribel lie the hamlets of Chandon, Le Raffort, Nantgerel and La Gittaz. There are a growing number of very comfortable and exceedingly well priced chalets in these areas of Meribel but it is vital if staying here that you either have your own car or else have the benefit of a reliable minibus shuttle service.

Chalets in Meribel - the lovely Chalet Pasarale with Ski Cuisine
Chalets in Meribel - the lovely Chalet Pasarale with Ski Cuisine