Beginner Skiing at Val d’Isere

A serene val d’isere scene!Photo by masochismtango.

Starting out in any new sport can be a challenge, especially a sport as kinetic as skiing! Val d’Isere caters for skiers of all levels, though there are some great tips for anyone taking to the slopes for the first time. Getting some professional instruction in your native language is always a wise start – learning to ski on your own might seem like a money-saver, but good tuition pays for itself in saving you injuries and time!

Where to Ski

It’s a good idea to start out on long, wide nursery slopes and ‘green’ beginners’ runs, just to build your confidence and develop the correct movements and balance of skiing. It’s a good idea to find accommodation close to the pistes – starting out, the fewer distractions or obstacles to face en-route, the better, so seek out some well-situated chalets. Val d’Isere has plenty close to the pistes and ski lifts.

Dress to Impress

It’s important to select a good jacket: one that’s lightweight but warm, and both windproof and waterproof. You’ll also want a good pair of salopettes – warm, waterproof trousers designed for skiing and other snow sports. You’ll be able to find some good clothing suppliers not far from your chalets; Val d’Isere has plenty of quality retailers. Remember to wear layers of clothing instead of one or two bulky items, and make sure not to forget a hat and waterproof gloves!

Here Comes the Sun

Sun protection is often forgotten amongst the snow and shade of the mountains, but it is actually incredibly important. Once you leave your chalets, Val d’Isere and other Alpine resorts carry a ‘hidden’ risk of sunburn – sunlight is far more intense at such high altitudes, and the reflection of sunlight on the snow can cause a nasty burn, too. Sunglasses or goggles can be a wise choice to protect your eyes, and they look stylish, too.

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